Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 62

Remember the first picture? I took a picture of myself to show how "big" I have gotten (I know the truth I'm going to get MUCH bigger) Well I posted the picture and my friend Blake made a comment on how FUGLY my IPhone case was. He works for IFrogz that sells cases and accessories for IPhones and IPads. He sent me a link to the website and I found one that I liked and OF COURSE they were out of stock of that one! Curses! Well few weeks later his BFF Lisa sent me an email saying she sent my case with Bryan (the husband, whom I work with) I was like case? What case? Blake gave me a case, cause he's so awesome! That or he hated my case that much! Either or I was really touched that he thought of me enough to give me one! He's the regional sales manager (fancy I know). Thanks again Blake, I love it! I will buy one again, I Heart mine already! Check out the website they are awesome cases!

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