Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 147

Me & my little middle........he's such a handsome boy! Love him bunches!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Confessionals....Late Night Version

It's that time again! Friday Confessionals! It's always fun! Come on over and link on up!


I Confess..........................

It's been a VERY long day today. 

I Confess.......................

It truly amazing me how some people can LIVE..........I am I know I am OCD with my house being clean that's house I was raised and it's a comfort thing for me, I also get that people are not like me I do not look down upon them or judge them for that because I am an odd duck............but living with MOLD and rotten food because your to damn lazy to clean up? That's is nothing but disgusting!  Even worse when your a MOM. How could you seriously LET your kids LIVE in that?

I Confess.........................

I had to go to the store and run some errands. I came home to find my dog had destroyed one of my gifts I got as a baby shower gift. THANKFULLY she didn't destroy the gift just the box but seriously? I was gone a whole 2 hours! WTF OVER?

I Confess.........................

After a long day of cleaning and dealing with pissy children I decided to order pizza. While I was finishing up some cleaning/organizing in the basement the dog who almost died decided to jump up on the counter and eat all but 1 of the bread sticks, you know the main reason I ordered the pizza from the place because of the bread sticks? Yeah........she's on THIN ICE at this moment and she knows it.............

I Confess................

I am very tired but I can't sleep.........So I am relaxing on my bed waiting for my sleeping medicine to kick in because tomorrow is going to be just as busy........but by tomorrow night the boys will be back in their room downstairs! I am super excited about that!

Day 146

Babies!!!! We have a LOT of girls pregnant in the family all due between now (see below) and December. The first baby born was cute Liliana was born on March 31. Now these 2 were born just a few hours apart (but different days) 

This is cute Baby Jaylen he's my sweet cousin Melanie's Baby he was born on 5/24

 This is cute little Eli. He is my Birth Mother's Daughter's son. He was born early this morning! 

The next person due is ME! I am getting so baby hungry! I just wanna hold them and give them kisses! Too bad both live in different far away from me states! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 145

These are my pretty roses! They smell so sweet in the morning I have a love/hate relationship with them, pretty but a huge pain to upkeep!

 I went to my OB weekly visit.....yup I am now to the point of weekly visits! I saw this sign on the bathroom wall made me giggle cause I told my OB I think I might be pregnant he laughed and agreed. Sweet Baby Girl weighs 5 lbs! Woohoo! 37 days left!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 144

Went to lunch with my good friend Alyssa today. We work at TaxWorks and I haven't gone to lunch with her since the job ended! We met up at Noodles & Co I got the Mac & Cheese with meatballs......Can you say yummy? Who doesn't like Mac & Cheese.....oh wait that would be my 4 year old see below picture he refused to eat any of it!
 Seriously? Who doesn't like mac & cheese!
 Went into work for a bit and of course Ruben wasn't sad :(

We Want To Know Wednesdays!

We want to know Wednesdays! Woohoo! Come on over and Link UP!

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A
Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama


{1} Tell us about your job/daily routine.
{2} What is your favorite place in your home to relax? (bonus points for a pic)
{3} Summer cool treat...popsicle or icecream?
{4} Be sweet to yourself, list 3 things you LIKE about YOU!
{5} If someone saw my __________ I would likely die of embarrassment!

{1} Tell us about your job/daily routine

Domestic Engineer & Human Resources 

6 AM (Ish) Take dog out to go pee

7:15 AM Alarm goes off........lay there until my snooze goes off (this is unless they get up before 7:15 which happens, A lot!)

7:30 AM Feed the monsters, also known as my children but at this hour they are only known as Monsters. 

8:15 AM Take oldest child off to school 

8:30 Feed the husband 

9:15 AM send the husband off to work 

9:15-Noon Play with children and get the cleaning done around the house and Laundry is started

Noon (ish) feed the younger two children 

Noon 30 (ish) put youngest down for a nap 

1pm-4pm Relax and watch TV with my little middle and as of late take a nap 

4pm-6pm Get yongest up, go get oldest from the Boys & Girls Club start dinner, get PJ's out for children and get clothes ready for the day, do homework with oldest and let children go outside and play while dinner cooks.

6-7pm Husband gets home dinner is eaten 

7-8 (Ish) Kids play, tv is watched, relaxing and unwinding, final laundry is put away 

8pm (Ish) kids get ready for bed, teeth brushed & goodnight's are said 

8pm-12 am  FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! And or Ambien is taken and Mary acts like a tard :)

{2} What is your favorite place in your home to relax? (bonus points for a pic)

My you can see it's very relaxing!!!!!

{3} Summer cool treat...popsicle or icecream?

I love BOTH!!! Right now it's A&W's rootbeer ice cream! Yum!

{4} Be sweet to yourself, list 3 things you LIKE about YOU!

1. Love that I am so much calmer since being home full time with my boys

2. Love that I am OCD with my cleaning, yup! I am very proud of it :)

3. Love that I always put my family first but when I need a me moment I don't feel guilty about it at ALL

{5} If someone saw my __________ I would likely die of embarrassment!

Backyard! (LONG STORY)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 143

I love Bill Cosby........this clip makes me laugh every time I watch it. In the first picture is Evan who decided that my drink was his drink and after 3 times of me saying NO it reminded me of this clip. Too funny, because it's true! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 142

This is what I got for my Mother's Day Gift! I am in LOVE! It's much smaller than my old camera and has a ton of cool features! I am so excited to take pictures of baby girl on it! Yay! Only 40 more days left!!!!! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 141

Tonight we had Alayna's Bridal Shower and a pot luck dinner. The kids had a blast. Here are a few pictures of the event. First are Alayna opening her gifts then Camille and her cute baby Cannon and Papa and Evan. Evan sure loves his Papa! 
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