Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49

What do you see? To most people it's a normal calculator.......but at you can see in the background of said green calculator you see my not quite 2 year old reaching for it, why you ask? Because this is the closest thing my children have to a video game. This is Toby's prized toy calling it his video game, and of course since it's Toby's favorite it is now something Evan must play with too. I'm ok with this, at least they are learning something, right!?! Silly boys!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Confessional's


I Confess.......

I am getting annoyed with the spacing on my blog, making my post super long and I don't see where or why it's causing it!?! Grrrr

I Confess.......

I had the privliage of a cranky crying drama almost 8 year old last night. He was crying because we told him to choose a place to go eat, he did Golden Corral we explained it was to late to go there on a school night (it was after 7 when making said decision) and then he just sat there with the deer in head light look when we asked where else would he liked to go........after the 7-8th time asking him the younger child said he wanted hot dogs with guess who won? So almost 8 year old child sat there for the next 45 minutes crying over the fact the 4 year old got to choose what we ate and he didn't get to go out to eat.........yeah..........that was an awesome experience! NOT!

I Confess....

I tried really hard NOT to yell at said child. I re explained myself at least 10 times as to why we were not going out and we can go another time.........and he still kept crying, and being a huge baby about it......I was going crazy I finally said ENOUGH........I hate yelling at the kids.............

I Confess...........

Lately I have come to realize from a different source that how much it effects your children when all you do is yell at them. Its such a negative effect and it rubs off on the kids more than you realize and it really makes me sad. The only good that has come from me watching this/hearing this is I have really toned down and watch how I speak to my kids. There is so much more you can do to get the point across than yelling and or screaming at them.

I Confess..........

I seriously LOVE my love LOVE them :) Espically ones named Lisa & Cami :)

I Confess.......

Even though the Ultra Sound Tech is SURE the baby is a girl that's taking space in my tummy part of me is stills scared that its going to come out a boy and all I have is pink stuff for him! As Lisa's husband says he won't believe it's a girl till he see's her! I still will buy cute pink stuff but keep the recipt Just in case :)

I Confess............

I have been getting the guilt trip lately from the husband and his huge desire for a Puppy..........Sigh...............NO!!!!!!!!! I don't want one!!!!!!!! Not right now at least.........argh!

I Confess......

Once Tax Season is over I plan on doing the potty training on the youngest child........any good tips?

Day 48

Today a few people have told me that there is not hiding it now, I am pregnant! Today is also the first day that I am wearing my maternity clothes. I have only gained 10 pounds since I got pregnant. Woohoo!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 47

Remember a few days ago when I posted about the table I bought for the kids? Yeah it was a great idea until you got all 3 kids in the room, and then they fought like cats and dogs to be able to sit at the table of the gods. Seriously, the almost 8 year old wanted to sit there and of course the others did I was faced with an issue, and thankfully the issue was solved with a 8.50 chair at walmart. I saw it by total accident and bought it that way they all can sit at the table of the gods.........goodness! I had a total brain fart I should have known better!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 46

Baby GIRL! I was nervous up until now to say I was having a girl. Mainly because at 15 ish weeks before we were having Aubrey and then at 20 weeks Aubrey grew a twig and berries and she is know a he and his name is Evan. So at 16 weeks when the doctor said it looks like a girl and shows me a picture of NOTHING between said legs I was a little nervous to be excited and to say it's a girl. Today I had my Target Ultra Sound it's where the Ultra Sound Tech goes and makes sure the baby is growing correctly, the heart is good, brain, spine, stomach, etc etc. I am happy to say SHE is a happy healthy baby GIRL. I know the picture isn't the best but she's in the corner on the right with her mouth wide open as if to be screaming OMG MOM get this stupid device off me! She kicked the ultra sound device at least 4 times, the Tech was laughing because this wee one was PISSED that someone was pushing down on her "home" It's amazing how you can love someone so much and you haven't even met them yet..........

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Like my card? Ya.....I'm romantic like that.........I saw it and couldn't stop laughing so I had to get it. He liked it too, or at least I hope he did! The Flowers are something he gave me awe, I love him! We went to the Timbermine for dinner.......YUM! We weren't going to do anything mainly because it was on a Tuesday and the Roommate had plans that night so we were just going to go to a movie this weekend. My Mom called me that morning asking me what my plans were, and then offered to watch the kids for us so we could go out! We were super excited! She's a busy woman (she runs a doctors office) so it meant a lot for her to offer to watch the kids for us. I bought the kids a movie, got them a Heart shaped pizza and some Valentine cookies to make with Grandma. They had a blast. Who said Tuesdays aren't good? Cause this one was pretty Epic! Love my little family! Crazy to think in under 20 weeks we will add the final wee one! I can't wait!

PS Richard claims he doesn't have dimples.........pft whatever, you can totally see them! I LOVE DIMPLES in guys.........totally SEXY, yup I said it.......SEXY!!!!!!!!!! I'm a rebel :)

Day 45

I know it's hard to see the date, but this is a fruit snack pack that Avery got in his Valentine treats, the date reads Dec 12 2010 as in it expired that date........those things last FOREVER and the fruit snacks were hard as rocks.....seriously? Holy long did they have them for? Wow........that's one way to chip a tooth! Shessh! Happy Valentines Day to you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 44

Ever feel like you have something attached to your back when your trying to do something? Oh......wait...... you do............a 3o pound attachment with an anchor? yeah, sounds about right, here your just trying to read and something keeps attacking you........Notice in the background, the fun adventure I get to do tomorrow, also known as the sure evil of Laundry! Yay me!!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43

My world is now safer knowing I've got Auto Bot's watching out for me at night.......after I put the boys to bed I discovered this as I went to grab my laptop........yeah, I have such nice boys who are always watching out for me :)
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