Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 91

My newest niece! Liliana! She was born a day after Evan's birthday. She is the first baby girl born on Richard's side of the family in 5 years! She is the daughter of Richard's baby brother Virgil. She's a cutie! She was born shortly before noon this morning! Welcome to the world little girl! Funny thing happened tonight. While holding her my baby girl got jealous and starting kicking to the point it actually made her cry! I thought it was cute and funny at the same time!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Evan Shaffer

Happy Birthday Mr. Pudge! I can't believe you are 2 already! Crazy I tell ya! Seems like yesterday you were born! And now look at you! I got you a sand box for the front loved it, not sure if you liked playing in it or eating it more! Thank you for being apart of our family. I am so happy you came..............Love you more than words can express!

Day 90

Today is Mr. Evan's birthday. I wanted to get a picture of all three boys together so after they got ready for bed I tried to snap a few pictures. I got the older 2 on the couch and asked Evan to go sit next to Toby.....And instead he did this. Stood next to me and held onto my shoulder and cried. So I took my phone and switched the camera to the front one and snapped a few pictures of him next to me......he was less than pleased that I did this. So here are the pictures I took!

Friday Confessional's


It's that time again......Yay for Friday's!

Head on over to Mamarazzi's and link on up! It's fun!

I Confess................

Today is my Baby Boy's Birthday! Happy Birthday Mr. Evan! He is 2 today. It's crazy to think he's the same age as Toby was when he was born! I still look at him as a baby but Toby was a big boy when Evan was born, how is this possible, they are the same age!?

I Confess...............

Today is my last day of work! Woot!!!!!!!!!!! Well it's actually tomorrow but I requested today off a LONG time ago to celebrate the boy's birthdays. So today is the last day I will be at work.

I Confess............

I will miss my co workers and social aspect of this job. I won't miss getting up at 4AM or dealing with the crabby customers because they don't want to do their job.

I Confess............

I have SO many things I want to get finished before Baby Girl comes, the first thing was finish Tax Season, now that it's finished I can start on my cleaning/nesting projects! Woot!

I Confess............

Remember that jerk of a co-worker of the Husband's I told you about a few weeks ago? Yeah, he up and quit on them middle of the day and handed all the paperwork and the work phone to some poor girl (that at been on the job a whole MONTH, and didn't have a clue as to what he did for his job) and walked out the doors. The owners were at some meeting, the manager of that office was gone for the day and Richard was out. Just proves some people be considered an adult due to what is stated on their drivers license but that's as far as it goes!

I Confess............

I called my Dad asking if I could drop off Avery's Birthday gift to his house so that my Dad could bring it to the Birthday Party tomorrow, it's a new Bike and would be hard to hide that in the car with him IN the said car. While talking to said father he asked me if the Bike was going to be put together or if he needed to do that. Wait.....what? It's not put together already? oh yeah, it's not........ahhhhhhh CRAP! Guess what I am going to be doing tonight? It made me laugh cause I felt pretty dumb after he pointed that out to me!

I Confess.............

I am clearing out old emails and deleting out anything I don't need or want on my work computer this morning kinda makes me sad but so excited at the same time! I will be back this fall hopefully working from home!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 89

I decided I need to do something more with the Toby's hair instead of just letting it just sit there on his head like a mop. So this morning I styled his hair (See first photo) and took a picture of it and sent it to Richard and he responded NO Mohawk. Ummm Ok, so I took my hands and ruffled it up a bit and then took the second picture, and re sent it asking if this was better, he said Yes.....I like both looks he's my cute lil boy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We Want To Know Wednesdays!


Mamarazzi and Crazymama are at it again!

{1} What is something that you currently spend money on that you consider a splurge or frivolous?
{2} Tell us about your first paying job. How old were you?
{3} Do you plan date nights and extras into a monthly/weekly budget?
{4} Share one of your money saving tips with us.
And finally, Christine @ wants to know:
{5} If you won the lottery - would you spend it frivolously or use what you need and save the rest? Why?

1. What is something that you currently spend money on that you consider a splurge or frivolous?

Anything for baby girl.....I found the CUTEST blanket for her that has lady bugs on it at Wal-Mart, I wanted to make her own but I think I will just pay the 18 bucks and get this one, it's seriously so cute!

2. Tell us about your first paying job. How old were you?

I got a job just days after I turned 16. I worked there for a little over a year, Artic North Ogden. I liked the job but the management, SUCKED! I met my first boyfriend there too...awe.......I made 4.35 an hour!

3. Do you plan date nights and extras into a monthly/weekly budget?

Ha! I wish! I need to but no, I do not just because as of lately I have been working every weekend and Richard works a lot of weekends as well so it makes it hard and weekend nights? With kids? Ya just doesn't happen! But we do need to make time for it for sure.

4. Share one of your money saving tips with us your bills off! If that means missing out on something DO IT! I don't understand people who complain about being broke or not being able to pay bills off or being behind but yet get their nails done or their hair done or go on vacations that they don't need to go on. I would love to take my kids places but I honestly would rather be debt free first they are young enough that there will be times later! My 5 year plan will be debt free minus the house payment and have 10k in savings, if I keep going at the rate I am, it will happen. And when that day comes, I am totally going shopping LOL jk!

5. And finally, Christine @ wants to know:
If you won the lottery - would you spend it frivolously or use what you need and save the rest? Why?

Richard and I have talked about this a few times depending on how much we get will change our answers a little bit but this is what we would do

1. Pay off all bills including the house (duh!)
2. Give my Mom & His Mom money, enough to buy a house for each of them
3. Fix up our house and give it to someone we feel that deserves it (Family or Friend)
4. Buy the cars we have always wanted
5. Decide where we want to live and build a nice house not to big but big enough that each of the kids have their own rooms along enough room for family to come visit
6. Put money in a saving account for the kids and college
7. Visit family out of state more often and fly, no driving crap!
8. Live life pretty much the same now except wouldn't have to worry about how much money we have in our account. We both agree we don't want our kids to think they are rich and they are better than anyone just because we have money.

Day 88

I love my March babies!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87

Poor Pudge.......he's sick has a nasty cold.........he feel asleep in my arms after I gave him some medicine, yes I do dress my child but I knew he would spit up part of the medicine so I gave it to him before I dressed him for the day, I was holding him to comfort him and before I realized it he was asleep, I think that's what I just love about babies when the sleep in your arms, it's just a wonderful feeling, can't wait to do that with the baby!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86

Happy Birthday Buddy! He wanted this movie, so I got it for his birthday, a few weeks ago I bought him the book as well, since he loves reading so much! He's getting so big! Someone make it stop!

3/26/2004 8 Years Ago

Avery Benjamin Hendrickson.

Born March 26 2004 at 11:33 AM

5lbs 11 oz 19 inches long

TONS of black hair (he looked like a monkey)

Changed my life FOREVER

Because of you I no longer can sleep like a rock, rather sleep as light as a feather and wake up to any noise you or your brothers make

Because of you I look at life totally different, I no longer care about going out all night with my friends having "fun" and coming home in the wee hours and sleeping in until 1 in the afternoon, I would much rather stay home with you and watch a movie

Because of you I have become a calmer person

Because of you I have learned to think before I speak

Because of you I am a kinder person

Because of you I have thanked my parents more times than I can count for putting up with me and thank them for not killing me or your uncle (Seriously)

Because of you I wake up each day thinking I will work at the day before faults and try harder to be a better Mom to you

Because of you my extra money goes towards new Transformers for you instead of new shoes or clothes for me

Because of you I sit here at work tears filling my eyes because I can't be home with you like I want because 9 years ago this was just another day in March

Because of you I have loved with a depth that I could never imagine before you arrived. Avery you have brought me more happiness more than you will ever know

Because of you I have the honor of being called Mommy

Happy Birthday to my big 8 year old boy Avery!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85

He loves the puppy. She LOVES the kids. She played with them outside all day long. We would randomly bring her in the house and she would crash. Tonight at dinner she slept next to my chair. She loves being around us. She gets upset if we leave her. Something I think we will need to break because we won't be able to take her with us everywhere!

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