Monday, March 26, 2012

3/26/2004 8 Years Ago

Avery Benjamin Hendrickson.

Born March 26 2004 at 11:33 AM

5lbs 11 oz 19 inches long

TONS of black hair (he looked like a monkey)

Changed my life FOREVER

Because of you I no longer can sleep like a rock, rather sleep as light as a feather and wake up to any noise you or your brothers make

Because of you I look at life totally different, I no longer care about going out all night with my friends having "fun" and coming home in the wee hours and sleeping in until 1 in the afternoon, I would much rather stay home with you and watch a movie

Because of you I have become a calmer person

Because of you I have learned to think before I speak

Because of you I am a kinder person

Because of you I have thanked my parents more times than I can count for putting up with me and thank them for not killing me or your uncle (Seriously)

Because of you I wake up each day thinking I will work at the day before faults and try harder to be a better Mom to you

Because of you my extra money goes towards new Transformers for you instead of new shoes or clothes for me

Because of you I sit here at work tears filling my eyes because I can't be home with you like I want because 9 years ago this was just another day in March

Because of you I have loved with a depth that I could never imagine before you arrived. Avery you have brought me more happiness more than you will ever know

Because of you I have the honor of being called Mommy

Happy Birthday to my big 8 year old boy Avery!

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Jolene said...

Awh... how adorable. He reminds me of Taj.

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