Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wow I can't believe how time has flown! It's been a year already that Toby's been apart of our lives? Crazy!!!! Here's some pictures of cute Tuby through the year.

It's Been A Great Year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So this year Avery and I made a Gingerbread House! We had a blast, learned lot and I'm sure we will make an even better one next year! Toby helped he sat there and ate chocolate!

Richards Birthday!

So Richards Birthday I made him a Cowboys blanket...needless to say HE LOVES IT!!!! I already have requests from his brothers to make them one!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Then & Now

Ha! Here ya go Jen....And I Tag.....Everyone Who Reads This! Go Go Start Blogging!

20 years ago: 1. I Was Living In Tennessee 2. I Just Gotten Baptized 3. I Lived On Top Of A Huge Mountain.

10 years ago: 1. I Had Just Started My Senior Year Of High School 2. I Was Working At Acres Market 3. My Favorite Thing To Do Was Sleep In On The Weekends...Still Is!!!

5 years ago: 1. I Had Just Found Out I Was Having A Boy 2. I Was Working At AOL 3. Lived With A Bunch Of Friends In Roy

3 years ago: 1.I Had Just Moved Home From Las Vegas 2. I Learned It Was OK And Things Would Be Getting Better 3. I Was Not Working!

1 year ago: 1. I Had Just Gone On Best Rest And It Hurt SOOO Much To Just MOVE Soooo Big And Preggo With Toby! 2. I Was Living In Layton 3. I Loved Playing WOW With Richard...Still Do

So far this year: 1. Enjoyed Turning Into A Family 2. Bought A House 3. Got Engaged!!!

Yesterday: 1. I Worked 2. Spent Time With My Richard 3. Went To The Store

Today: 1. I Was Up Until Almost 6AM (Thanks COLD!) 2.Slept On The Couch And Watched A Movie With My Boys 3. Went To The Store & Bought Dr Pepper For Stryder!!!

Tomorrow: 1. I Will Watch Football With Richard 2. Feed My Kids 3. Do Laundry!!!

Next year: 1. Do Some Serious Work On My Yard 2. Get My Butt Into Serious Gear About Getting Down To Size 6 Jeans Again 3. Get Married!!!!!!
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