Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bored? Not Sure What To Do?

I come out of our office and this is what I find Richard 3 AM.......Hey it's HOT in our house it's so hard to sleep at night! So I decided to come and join him.......

Being A Parent Isn't Always FUN!!!

Ok so about a month ago it was a normal every day night, or so I thought......I put Avery in the tub and he played and while he was playing I was downstairs doing laundry and talking with the roomie....yes we have a roomie and Richard well Stryder..aka the roomie went up stairs and quickly started calling out names comes to find out Avery learned how to turn the water back on and did so and then just sat there in the tub while it overflowed, so when Stryder got up stairs and saw the water just coming out of the bathroom he went in there and saw Avery with the look of death on his face, sitting in neck deep water. It was really quite funny but annoying at the same time! We discovered we had really old carpet and it will soon be replaced! Here are some of the after math pictures!

Sasha The Cat

This is our cat Sasha, who keeps me laughing all day long when I find her in the most oddest places, she LOVES sitting in the window, she has scared us several times because she will sit in the window by the toilet in our bathroom and you go to use such toilet and then bamb! She will decide to jump down mid toilet session and yes scare the well you know the.....out of you! I and yes she is sitting ontop of my flip flops she is such a random cat! Oh and if there is a bag anywhere in the house she will find it and sit on it and if there is a box anywhere she will find in and get in it and if she can't get in such box she will get super pissed. I take as much pictures of my random cat as I do of my own kids! She really cracks me and Richard up. Since Richards back to work now she misses him so she goes and sleeps on his chair until he returns then she sits on him! Oh and her favorite place to sleep at night? The end of our bed. Just like a dog....

Oohhh No That's Sour!

You would think that I had just given him something sour but no I was taking a picture and this is what I got! He is just so cute!

Friends Getting Hitched

This is Richard with his long time friend army buddy Josh...On his wedding day! It was a great experience going to the wedding, very beautiful and we were able to see what we did and did not want for our wedding! I am getting excited for ours, even though it won't be till August 22 2009 it will be here before I know it!


I had brown hair when I met Richard...and then it went back to blonde.....super blonde! Then I got pregnant with Toby and it was forced to stay blonde....then out of the blue one day last week Richard told me his favorite picture of me was a picture of me with my brown hair, and I had been thinking I wanted something different so on our way home from my moms I stopped and got a kit and there ya go! What do ya think? Welcome to the dark side?

4th Of July...Yes It's Late I Know Sorry!!!

So we went up to Dayton Idaho for a fun day in the sun with the family. Richards family lives up there so we thought it would be fun to spend time them, Avery always has a blast (he gets to hang out with all of his boy cousins!) And ended up spending the time at the farm, his all time favorite place! We got to catch fish with our bare hands, and let the kids run around and eat lots of sugar!It was an overall great day!

New A/C!

Well Lets See Here! It's been almost 3 weeks since I have posted anything! Well as of late we have not had an A/C! I seriously don't know how people survive like this! Our whole unit went out, it was older than dirt (like it came when the house was built in 1953!) so as of Monday/Tuesday we will have a whole new unit! It's going to be costy but sooooooo worth it! It's been soooo hot I can't even function! Here are some pictures of Richard making the hole to the squirrel cage bigger so that they could take it out and look at it, only to find out later it was un fixable.

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