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My Name is Mary and this is my Blog! Here is a little bit about myself and my family, the main reason I have this Blog in the first place! I started it when my 2nd child, Toby was just a few months old he is now 6! We have 4 kids in total! Avery is 10 Toby is 6 Evan is 4 and Miss Alice is 2! Crazy how time flies for sure!


Highest on the food chain due to the fact he is the tallest and weighs the most. Richard is the gaming nerd and the peace keeper of the family. He loves his boys and his daughter has his wrapped around her little finger!  In his spare time he enjoys Fishing, hunting and camping however doesn't get to do it as much as he would like. But thanks to moving back home he has been able to do that a lot more now! 


Older than the husband by 5 months and 2 days, so the oldest in the family, but not the tallest! Loves her kids more than words would explain but LOVES it when there is a free moment (rare but does happen) and not  fighting off sleep crafts have been the newest hobby. Photography has always been a passion just need to get the funding for a better camera!

Avery Benjamin

Our oldest, Avery......the sneeky one but the most lovable. Loves his brothers but he has a special relationship with his sister, she just ADORES him so much! He loves to read and does awesome in school. He is in Boy Scouts and since moving up to Idaho he has tried out some new sports. He loves sports but FOOTBALL is his favorite! A Green Bay Packers fan and still the tallest in his class, and grows like a weed, I fear he will be the tallest in our family sooner than we would like! I couldn't be prouder of my oldest! 

Toby Bryce

My little middle......He's very stubborn and loves his Blankey more than words can describe. He's becomming quite the talker and loves to tell you stories. He is my picky eater which drives me insane but thankfully is getting better about eating different foods. His best friend is Avery and he loves to announce that he "see's you" when you walk in the door. He always has a smile on his face loves to push his brother's buttons on a daily basis.

Evan Shaffer

My youngest son but don't try telling him he's the baby! He refuses to be treated any different than his brothers. If they get to do something he does too. He LOVES to follow you around and help you with anything you may or may not need help with! He is attached to his Dad's hip the moment he gets home and loves to give hugs to his siblings whenever they leave or go to bed. He likes to color however I believe it's because he likes to chew on the crayons more so than the coloring part. My only baby with blue eyes, he's got quite the fire in him!

Alice Jean 

Born on May 31st at 11:40 pm The final Hendrickson! She is a spitfire of fun! I never realized how different boys and girls are until I got a girl! We LOVE her to pieces and love watching her grow! I hate that she's my final but trust me she is!!!!! 

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