Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1000 Word Wednesday

Ummmm Don't ask about the paint can just know I shouldn't be in charge of opening up paint can's......& picture of me getting ready to do said paint job!

played so hard she passed out in the play pen! awe my cute bug bear!

a bunch of sickies around here! Poor husband :(

Richard went to work feeling fine on Monday morning. I went to wake up the kids on Monday and Toby had thrown up sometime during the night and was covered in puke (gross) and Avery was complaining about being sick and threw up himself (oh joy) and then come Monday towards the end of the day Richard said that he was starting to feel sick had a nasty headache etc etc. By the time he went to bed that night around midnight he was having a fever of 101.2 and the next morning he had a temp of 102.4. So he stayed home and slept. I talked with my friend Lisa and she said he had the same symptoms she did when she had the Flu and only had 24 hours to get the meds in him for them to work. So I dragged him to the Urgent Care and sure enough he had the flu. While there he needed breathing treatments, which was crazy to me because is oxygen levels were in the low 90's and yet Monday morning, the day before he went to work with no symptoms at all! And when he coughed his body shook. Poor husband. He never goes to the doctor's like this is the 2nd time he has gone in 7 years, the last time was a follow up apt after his surgery when he had his appendix taken out right before I gave birth to Toby! Tomorrow is Thursday and he probably won't go to work tomorrow either. He's never missed 3 days of work before in the 3 years he has been at his job. 

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