Thursday, May 21, 2009

Awwww Poor Kitty!!

Oohhh My!!!! I Am Kitty Sitting For A Friend Of Mine, she Refuses to come out of her cage (she is black so it is very hard to see her in the video) and is quite pissed at Royce for leaving her with us!!!! You can't see it in the video but I put my flip flop in front of the cage and when she smacked it with her paw she pulled it in the cage and that's when she FREAKED it totally scared her having the flip flop in her cage....awwww poor Kitty! I totally wasn't trying to scare her or hurt her! And I am kidding about him buying me new pair of flip flops.....BUT Old Navy is having a sale on all flip flops, only a one dollar a pair, this Saturday only!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Updates

Walking! I talked to Jowin tonight and she told me that Toby started walking today!!! And 2 more bottom teeth have come through! She said that he will still crawl but he's walking most of the time!!!! I am super sad about that, I mean on Mothers day he took his first 3 steps that I did get to see but by the time he comes home he will be a walking pro! (He will be there for at least 3 more weeks in CO) I hate this so so much, I miss my kids more than I ever thought I could! Richard tries to make me feel better but until my babies are back with me I just won't, but I do appreciate Richard for trying to make me feel better.

This is our newest fatty kitty aka Oscar...he totally melted my heart when I saw him, he was in a pet cage and I opened it and he jumped up into my arms and snuggled into my neck, he's such a cutie, and such a chunk! He weighs 22 pounds! I love it!!! Richard said he wanted a fatty kitty and now he has one! Sasha even has warmed up to him!

This is my Mom's dog, Hank, he is a pure bred German Sheppard even though he doesn't look like one! He's a VERY rare color and is a big giant! I love this dog! I went to my mom's last Saturday to help her with a wedding she was doing at my mom's and went into the garage to play with the dogs, had to show him off just cause I love him so!

Went up to my Dad's before we went to my Mom's, he had the tools to change the much needed breaks on the boat (aka Richards Impala) and was nice enough to help us out, and when we pulled up in the driveway this is what we found sunbathing on the driveway! My Step Mom and Richard were less than pleased about it but I totally loved it!!! Needless to say we let it go in the backyard but I would have been ok to take it home with us!

It's been a crazy few weeks, Richard is currently in Twin Falls ID until tomorrow night, so I am home alll alone, well with the roomie but he's up stairs!!! I sure do miss my boys!!!!

Denver Trip!

I took Toby and met Aunt Jowin out in Denver last week and met up with Avery. We had such a fun day! We went to lunch, then to the mall and then to the Denver Bronco Field....I enjoyed spending the day with the boys I can't wait to go back out there again in July for 4th July weekend!
Me & My Boys
Avery & The Horse
Me & Avery Wearing Bronco Heads

My Handsome Boys!

Oh My Look At That Smile!!!
My Handsome Man!

Smokey Bear Can't Prevent Forest Fires Afterall.....

So on our way back home from Fresno to LA we were delayed because of bush fire, as we got closer I took this picture of the exit as to where the fire was happening....the exit that was named after preventing forest fires! Talk about FUNNY!

California Part 2 Aka Mother's Day

Mother's day this year was spend in California, we had a fun day. Richard got me a watch and a photo frame and a cute card, I was super excited about the card cause it was the first card he ever got me!!! And I got a super cute message from Avery! The day was almost perfect!
Toby & Mama On Mothers Day!
Love This Kid!
Me, Emily (Richards Mom) Richard & Toby On Mothers Day

The Whole Family...Just Missing Avery....

Anna & Me
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