Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 112

Being almost 8 months pregnant it's really hard to take a picture of yourself without showing the HUGE belly......Cause I'm awesome I managed to do it :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 111

My step sister got married today. She was beautiful. He looks so handsome in his Air Force Blues (hope that's correct!)
 I tried to get a picture of the boys right before we headed to the reception, Evan was less than pleased that I was making him do this. Turd..........

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 110

Meet Penelope! I first saw this super cute stuffed ladybug when I was at the Layton (Utah) Wal-Mart. I was dumb and didn't buy it thinking I would just get it when I was at my local Wal-Mart. Bad thing? I went there and couldn't find one! And I went back to Layton and they were all gone! Curses! My theme for baby girl is Lady Bugs I was super sad! Anyways today I got the most awesome gift in the mail from my "sister" Aubrey! Not only did she send me Penelope (Richard named her) she also sent me chocolate! Ummmmm hello! Chocolate! Talk about YUMMY! Totally made my DAY!!!!!!!!! Thanks again Aubrey! You ROCK!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 109

 Yes.......this is my very OLD School Radio in my very old mini van. I refuse to put in anything nicer because I don't drive in it enough and when I do drive I listen to the Radio anyways. Anyways.......I was convinced that the van was haunted by a ghost and said ghost liked to mess with me when it came to the radio. Randomly while listening to the music it would change stations, the volume would go up or down it would go from FM to AM etc etc........I was going CRAZY it wouldn't happen every time just randomly. I remember one time I yelled at said ghost and it stopped I thought I had won the battle until 5 minutes later it started again......Well today I had to go into the store for a quick few items and didn't feel like dragging in all 3 kids for it. So I left them in the van to run in. I came back out a few minutes later and Avery informed me that Toby had changed the radio channels, ummmmmm how? He's still in his car seat......? He then said no Mom from his radio panel by his seat.......wait......WHAT!?!?! Yup that's right folks, I didn't have a ghost in my van I had a 4 year old that liked to mess with me! Furthermore I didn't realize that this panel was there in the first place and I've had this dang van for 2 years! Goes to show you how often I really look at the back of the van huh!?! Wow......just WOW, not a ghost just a 4 year old........I was laughing pretty hard about that one! 
 Back Panel.....where he can do everything! Curses
He only looks "cute"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 108

Mmmmm Jamba Juice! We have one about 2 miles from our house! Yummy! We get the same kind, Peach Pleasure. It's quite yummy, to bad they cost so dang much! They are just as expensive as Starbucks!?! Freak! Mmmmmm 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 107

I have been dealing with contractions lately. So far taking my extra medicine and taking a nice bath with this added has helped A LOT! Thankfully it's not everyday but it still knocks me down when I do have them. Some days is a few hours others is all dang day! Thankfully they haven't been bad enough to send me up to the hospital! Keeping my fingers crossed to keep her until at least June 8th! 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 106

My silly little boy! The faces he pulls are just too funny! I just LOVE his curly hair!
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