Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miss Molly

Molly is such a Daddy's Girl! She LOVES sleeping next to Richard at night...I am ONLY allowing this since shes so young and only weighs 5 pounds! Once she starts getting big...back to the ground you go! Anywho she was acting really restless yesterday so Richard picked her up and this is what she did! Fell right to sleep on his chest...I recall a certain baby doing this as well....there's just something about him that calms wee ones! The other picture is one of her actually awake playing on her bed. I'm so glad I got her for his Valentines day gift!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Toby & The Buckets

So Toby was in his walker yesterday and he managed to pull out both his and Avery's Easter buckets from last year and carry them into to show "Dada" I was out in the living room when he was picking them up and he was soooo excited when he was able to pick them up! Here are some of the pictures I took of him in the office.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Richard And I spent V-day weekend in Wendover our first vacation for just the 2 of us without kids or family was sooooo nice to just get away! We didn't do to much just went to eat and hung out the rest of the time hotel slept in and didn't worry about doing much! It was AWESOME!!!!!! Happy to be home but soooo very much enjoyed the weekend. Also the last pictures are the gift Richard gave me for V-day a pretty necklace! I love it! Such a wonderful weekend!

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