Friday, September 5, 2008

I've Been Tagged! Thx Brittney!

I've been tagged. So here's the deal: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

JOYS: 1. Being Able To Work From Home So I Can Spend Time With My Boys As Much As I Can 2. Watching Toby Learn New Things Each Day 3. Sleeping In!!

FEARS: 1. Spiders (Nasty Lil Things), Clowns (The Devil Spawns) & Sharks (Espcially After Watching This Shark Attacks On TV) 2. Not Being There For My Kids When Something Bad Happens To Them 3. Losing Richard & My Boys

GOALS: 1. Calm Down With Avery, Learning To Pick My Battles Better With Him 2. To Be Back Down To 130 Before The Wedding 3. My Galbladder Issue Keeps Getting Worse With Time

CURRENT OBSESSIONS/COLLECTIONS: 1. Working Out! 2. Watching 2 And Half Men With Richard 3. Blogging/Myspacing!

FACTS: 1. It Stresses Me Out When I Am Late For Something2. I Cannot Stand A Dirty House It Will Drive Me Insane Until I Clean It(OCD?) 3. I Lost 132 Pounds And I Have Realized I Judge Myself More Now That I Did When I Was Heavier.

I am tagging...whoever wants to play, it's fun, try it!!!


These are my mom's two dogs, Maggie & Hank Aka Henry AKa Moose! They are awesome dogs, we had another dog Gus but sadly he died a few months back, he was my all time favorite, he was SO big and so gentle I really do miss that dog, anywho you would NEVER guess that Hank is a 100% German Sheppard, he looks like wolf with yellow eyes! He's a Blue German, but AKA registered as a German Sheppard, he's a very rare color we love him he's such a great dog! When the kids were playing out in the yard we let the dogs come play as well. Both of them are wonderful with the kids.

Playing In The Yard

So after being stuck in the car for 2 plus hours we stopped off at my mom's and let the kids stretch their legs and play in the yard so I decided to snap some pictures of the kiddos playing, they had a great time!

I Said Drive!

Over Labor Day weekend we took a drive up to Monte, Richard had never been there, we found a camping site, stopped off and had dinner, it was really nice to take a drive and just talk and see all the wild life, we saw some deer (was unable to get pictures) and lots of wild chickens, Richard knows the official name for them I just can't remember! Any who we had a blast and the kids were awesome for being in the car for 2 plus hours! Days like these I will always remember and treasure.

Toby & His Teeth!!!

Finally! So yesterday Mr. Tobberson finally broke through with a tiny tooth!!! Yeah I know he's a tad slow on sprouting teeth but in his defense he was 5 weeks early! I tried to get a picture but it was near impossible! First picture is Toby talking to me and the second picture is his dad giving him antlers (don't ask cause I don't even know) The last picture is of the boys playing with a dancing Elmo that Avery got when he turned 1, Toby wasn't so sure on how to take Elmo he kept looking at him as if he were an Alien it was quite funny.

First Day Of His Last Year Of Preschool!

So here's my baby starting his first day of Preschool, his last year before starting all day school! I can't believe he's going to be in school next year! Time has sure flown by fast! He loves going to school, mainly because he gets snacks! He goes 3 times a week, fun for him and a nice little break for me! I'm getting excited to go school shopping for him, he could care less as long as he has a transformers shirt he's happy. Go Avery!

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