Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Am Me...Mary

I Am A Sister

I Am A Daughter

I Am A Sister In Law & Aunt
I Am A Cousin
I Am A Friend
I Am A Mother
I Am A Wife & Best Friend
I Am Me...Mary

I have many titles, but I am still me, sometimes I forget this. Sometimes I get wrapped up in trying to make everyone else happy that I forget I need to be happy too. It's hard especially when you get caught up in the every day rush of life. I tend to blame myself for a lot of things, and I am very hard on myself. I try so hard sometimes way to hard and I need to stop it. I have to remember I have feelings too and my hard work has a purpose and deserves to be validated. I think I forgot that. I need to find myself again, I need to be happy not only for my family but more importantly for myself.

Worth It.....

It's been a rough couple of weeks at our house, I am not going into details, other than Marriage is much harder than I ever imagined. I love my husband, we have recently hit some serious road bumps and I have been having a hard time seeing past the storm. I have prayed, and asked a few of my close friends for advice. It's not easy for me to do this. So for those 2 friends, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful advice. I won't name names, but they know who they are. This morning on my windows background (the picture changes every 30 seconds) this picture popped made me smile, made think the quote "I Never Said It Would Be Easy, I Only Said It Would Be Worth It"

My Boys

There are days of course that are MUCH harder than others, then are the days that make you realize working your rear end off is worth it. These little people amaze me. They make me want to be a better person, I want my boys to be proud of me and yet they have no clue they have done this. They also drive me crazy at times but there are more better days than bad days by far. They are the reason I wake up and drag my butt out of bed every day. I can't imagine my life without them. I love them so much. I miss them so much I hate working...before I worked no big deal, now with kids it's just so much harder. I know I need to be here for the money but I wish there was a way I could be home with them. Until the day comes, I will enjoy the little time I do get to be with them at night and on the weekends. Love you boys, more than you will ever realize.....Thanks Dad for letting Mom stay home with us kids, Thanks Mom for being a "mean" Mom....Thanks Nadine for letting me be a Mower.....Thanks Richard for being a Dad to these awesome boys.....

Hair Cuts For My Boys Before & After

Last night if you were to look in our kitchen you would have thought we sheered a multi colored sheep! Blonde & Black hair EVERYWHERE! It was our lets cut the boys hair cause it's driving mom nuts night. (Plus another lice scare at one of the local schools, blah!) I cut Richard's hair but Richard cut the boy's hair. Avery has had several hair cuts in his life, I could easily do a cut every few months. His hair seriously grows like a weed! Toby however isn't as lucky. He will be 3 in december and this was his 2nd hair cut in his life time! Crazy. Here are the before and after pictures. Evan already has short enough hair we left his alone...for now.....


Handsome Avery

Silly Toby

Monday, October 18, 2010

Grandpa & Toby

I was trying to upload the pumpking patch pictures but from some reason it keeps freaking out everytime I try uploading more than 1 picture at a time...blah I am so not in the mood to upload 10 pictures 1 at a time! Instead I am going to show you these pictures. Toby LOVES his grandpa, Avery does too but Toby hangs on Grandpa Hendrickson whenever he is around. He loves doing anything with him. He never wears hats, but when he saw Grandpa wearing one he had to wear one too...when I was up at the farm on Saturday he kept hanging around me and Grandpa and wanted to be held by him, when he's home he will do that a lot with Daddy. I love my Toby!

Fishing With Family

Last weekend the boys went up to Grandma & Grandpa Hendrickson's farm up in Idaho. Where Richard was raised. All three boys was very strange for me to have all the boys gone. I was like a lost puppy. I just didn't know what to do with them gone. I was and more work and cleaning the house between the jobs. I missed them A LOT. I was so happy to have them home again. They had a blast while they were up there. They spent time with their cousins, they go to go to Uncle Zane's birthday party, went to the pumpkin patch and got to go fishing. They had so much fun. They always love going up to the farm. Toby had so much fun "fishing" I can't wait until Richard can take all 3 boys fishing! I can't believe Toby is almost 3...where has the time gone? And Avery is almost 7? Are you kidding me? Crazy I know! I am starting to feel old.....

Cousins Fishing!

Korbyn Symphony Samantha & Tammy

Cousins & More!
Uncle Kevin

Family fishing!

Cousins playing with Korbyn's birthday toys

I LOVE This picture of Toby & Grandpa Hendrickson

Mikey...Eww Dead Fish!
Tammy & Grandpa Carver
Dani Was Tired....Long Fishing Day!
Letting The Fish Go They Caught
Brittney's Daughter
My Toby!
Tammy's Son Wyatt

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