Saturday, March 19, 2011

Free Child Labor

Ahhh yes nothing like putting my kids to work. Free labor. Yes. Win, right? Wrong. I would like nothing better than to let my kids play on a Saturday. But sadly he chose to do this to himself. Why do you ask? Because he has a problem of sneaking. On Friday after work I went and got the kids and then stopped off at the local strip mall where the Girl Scouts were selling their awesome yummy cookies. I got a couple of boxes. Went home, told the boys we were going to have a movie night. Avery came to me about 20 minutes later and asked if he could have some cookies. I told him no, that we will have them after dinner. About 20 minutes later I went and grabbed the bag with the cookies in them to show Richard. I noticed that one of the boxes was opened and it was missing about 6 thin mints. I asked Richard if he had eaten some and he said he had not. So I called Avery in and asked him, his response was maybe....maybe ehh? I asked him again in a more firm voice, you know the voice coming from Mom...the if you lie you will die voice....he then said yes, I did. I asked why he took them after I told him no. He said well I really wanted them. The brat. He couldn't wait until after dinner, no...he had to have them RIGHT THEN. So he lost the privlage of movie night, went to bed an hour early and this morning while I'm stuck here at work he's washing the kitchen walls! Yes! This has been a HUGE problem of his. Taking whatever he wants even if we tell him no. He just goes in the kitchen and takes whatever he wants. I am at wits end. I don't know what to do to get it through his head he can't do this. If ANYONE has a suggestion please tell me, cause I'm going to have a very clean house here soon if he doesn't knock this crap off!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Confessional


I Confess
That I am really surprised I remembered to do this! Yay, go ME!
I Confess
I love to sleep in...If I could everyday I WOULD, it's the BEST!!!!!!!
I Confess
I think it's really funny when the old ladies my Husband delivers Oxygen to hit on him it makes me laugh, really hard because it's just so cute when they offer him candy and soda's and call him sweetie.
I Confess
I need to drink more water like I was drinking a few weeks ago, I just got so water logged and got sick of it!
I Confess
When I try to do a funny FB update, next time I am going to make sure I do the math correctly so I don't look like a total idiot.
I Confess
That I really want a little girl of my own, however I am not jealous of Lisa at ALL today
I Confess
That I need a vacation, badly. I honestly do not remember the last time the husband and I have gotten some real quality US's past due big time!
I Confess
I am drinking a Code Red Mt. Dew right now and loving every drop!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wee Bit Of Me Wednesday

{one} scruffy or clean shaven?
On my hubby, clean shaven although it's very rare it happens!

{two} what’s your favorite sundae topping?
Hot fudge & peanuts!

{three} do you own slippers?
Yup! Black fuzzy ones!

{four} did you ever have a tree house?
Nope, but I did have a house, just not in a tree that my dad made me as a kid!

{five} how you do relieve stress?
Listen to music

{six} what’s your favorite dr. seuss book?
Green Eggs & Ham

{seven} have you ever taken dance classes?
Nope, I did do gymnastics though!

{eight} which do you use more: the thesaurus or the dictionary?

{nine} what’s your favorite form of exercise?

{ten} what’s the longest you’ve ever waited in line?
I don't know I would have to say 30 minutes

Wordless Wednesday

Me & My Baby!!!
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