Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 61

As of late Evan's newest thing to do is opening up the DVD cases and pulling the DVD's out. Ya I was NOT a fan of his newest hobby at ALL. So I decided to look for DVD/CD cases. The prices for those are just plain STUPID! 35 plus bucks for one! Are you kidding me? So Thank you Amazon for selling me one for 18.99! Even with shipping it was less than 25 bucks! WOOT! And it holds 255 CD/DVD's! Yay! I put all of my DVD's in the today and quickly realized something.......what in the bloody hell am I going to do with the cases? I threw them in some garbage sacks and threw them in the garage until I can figure out what I will do with them. The 2nd picture is Evan passed out waiting for Jana's kids to get out of school. I pick them up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He was super happy to have his blanket back. We left it at my friend Cami's. Him and Toby both have a treasured blanket. Funny thing is, Evan will try and take Toby's all the time just because he likes to hear Toby scream, me on the other hand, not a huge fan, ahhhhhh yes Children are such joys!

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