Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28

My every so lovely friend Lisa's husband works with me. On Friday I get a text message just moments after I walked out the door from work that Bryan left his lunch in the fridge and asked if I could get it for him so he didn't lose it. They clean out the friday every Friday night. She said that it was in a Walmart bag and told me what was in it. Ok simple enough, I have friends who are still there I will just have them get it for me. Simple right? So I called my friend Steve and asked if he could get it for me. For whatever reason his phone didn't like being in the break room and kept dropping the call. Then he couldn't find the Walmart bag at all.......great someone took it? Awesome. So I texted Lisa saying it wasn't there. The moment I told her that Steve called me back saying he found it. Then asked me what to do with it.....Ummmmmmmm good question! We ended up having him hide it's cold enough it's like being in the fridge anyways! Then he texted me pictures as to where he hid it! haha. I worked the next day so I went and found it first thing and found it quickly but guess what I discovered when I picked it up? Ya NOT a Walmart bag! No wonder Steve couldn't find it! Haha OOPS.........It's back in the Fridge for Bryan to enjoy day........Just kinda made me giggle! Here is the "Walmart/Winco" bag!

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