Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26

I am so proud of my son! He got an award in school for following the class rules! Go Avery! I showed it to Richard and he made a very good point. He follows the rules wonderfully at school so what happens when he gets home? Everything goes down the drain? He's a pretty good kid most of the time there are times he gives you the deer in the headlights look when asking him why he did or didn't do something and his normal response is....Ummmmm I don't know? Ahhhhhhhh yes children......they have brain damage sometimes.......Still very proud of you Avery! Keep it up! Maybe one day it will rub off on you when your at home :)


aubrey said...

Noah is the same way... "Oh he's such a sweet kid. He's so helpful." I just smile and nod and wonder who the heck they're talking about... Though I suppose if they are going to be super good for someone it's good that it happens at school.

Mary said...

Yeah I agree I am glad it's at school. He's a sweet kid at home he's just sneeky lil stinker!

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