Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 74

For the past few weeks the kitten has been acting really strange. At first we thought she was in heat and thought nothing of it. Kinda a pain but whatever. Well she seemed better so figured she was done. Then a week or so later she started up again and crying for whatever reason at all hours of the night then last week she started Pee'ing all over. So I did some research and all the signs were she had a UTI.....poor girl! So I made an apt for today. They did some tests and confirmed she didn't have a UTI but that she was still in heat and that cats will stay in heat for months at a time until she hooks up with a male cat or eventually stops......and that if we didn't get her fixed soon her random pee'in would turn into a habit, ummm ya NO thanks! So I decided to have her fixed, and the price wasn't to horrible so I had her fixed. She did really well. I dropped her off at 10 and then picked her up at 4pm. She's doing well and for having major surgery you would never know it! She's acting her normal self minus the annoying crying! I am just happy to know she will be ok!

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