Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 163

I know over the next few months I will probably do a lot of posts about my Alice bug. I am the one who gets up with her at night and I am ok with this. I am trying to enjoy my last newborn baby. I know this is my last baby and I am ok with it. She completes our family. I am happy with what we have. Part of me feels bad that she won't have a sister but not bad enough to try to have another! I love her so much. I love cuddling with each of my kids but with her being the last I am trying to get as much snuggles as possible. This picture was taken around 2:45 this morning. If you can't tell I am a tad tired! I posted on FB this morning as much as I want to get back to my Pre Baby weight (I have only 10 pounds to go to my pre Alice weight but 20-25 where I really want to be) but right now Red Bulls are something I need to survive! I am excited to watch her grow and even more excited that I can truly enjoy it because I am not having to worry about going back to work in 4 weeks!

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