Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Listicles

I am linking up with The Good Life for a weekly post! Here is this week's question


1. The very so awesome shrill that Toby makes when one of his brother's does something he does not like. I am pretty sure dogs can hear this awesome scream as well.

2. Evan (currently but all of my boy's have done this around this age as well) loves to grind his teeth, I want to climb the walls just to get away from him when he makes this noise, it's ten times worse than nails on the chalk board. 

3. There is a manhole (is that right?) on the road for the water line. It is raised on the street so every time someone goes over the piece of metal it makes a loud and annoying noise. I can hear it from the inside of my house anytime of the day. It has woken me up several times. I HATE IT!

4. The clinking sound when the empty soda can makes when Richard picks it up to take a drink only to realize it's empty and then slams it down on his desk........he does this on purpose because it means I haven't gotten him a new drink yet, can we say SPOILED!? Yup

5. The sound the sippy cup makes when the boys are drinking from it. It just drives me insane for some odd reason!

6. The dryer. It makes a rubbing noise, ever since the ex roommate moved in she would put in a TON of wet clothes in the dryer to the point it ruined it......ya, awesome, NOT

7. Any Ford car that sets their alarm on their car. It's a loud high pitch horn honk and it annoys me so much!

8. The sound the kids make over and over and OVER again when they have a runny nose. Doesn't matter if it's my kids or someone else's kids......just get a dang tissue!

9. The sound that someone makes when they are chewing with their mouth really? Learn some manners! 

10. The FB update noise my phone makes when I forget to log out and it goes off in the middle of the night and wakes me up.....

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