Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 240

Tuesdays are my busy day. It's the day I go do the weekly shopping for food and anything else on the weekly list. Today I had a lot of random errands I had to do. I came home fed the kids lunch napped them got Avery from school we did homework and then found out Richard was going to have to work late so I decided to take the kids to get some ice cream after dinner. We stopped off at Old Navy to see what they had in the clearance area (my favorite area) when Toby said he had to use the bathroom. I was right next to the restrooms so he and Avery and Evan walked over and the kids were goofing off, I just told them to knock it off and get back to where I was when Evan let out this very loud scream. It was a I am in pain scream. Avery shut the bathroom door on his fingers. And their doors are VERY heavy. OUCH! They looked horrible. So I grabbed the kids and got home as quick as possible. Richard and I were both scared they were broke so off to the ER we went. X-Rays later they discovered they were not broken. Yay! But his fingers will be swollen for about a week and they are VERY tender. Poor kiddo! 

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