Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 264

Since we have been working on the bathroom upstairs Richard and I have been using the shower downstairs. I lecture Avery to be careful when using the soap dispenser (picture above). I would remind him each time he got in the shower. While in the shower tonight I went to use the soap to wash my face. I swear I was careful when using this but the moment I touched it the dang thing fell off and broke into a million pieces! I was able to put it back together but still, here I am telling the 8 year old to be careful and I touch the dang thing and it breaks! Also you will notice how "level" it is, once again I am awesome with projects! Go me! On a side note, Avery hasn't broken it once or made it fall off but in this past week I have managed to do it 3 times! Good grief! Epic Fail? I say so!

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