Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 267

This is one of the cool features that the IPhone 5 can do. I have the 4 and I would like to get the 5 but I want to wait until the bugs are worked out and after Christmas, mainly because I want to get the boys gifts before I fork out 100 dollars for a newer phone for myself. Someone made a comment to me that I was a drone for getting the IPhone. It bothered me. I am not a drone, I like the phone, it gives me the ability to listen to my music and does a lot of other fun tricks. Yes my husband has a the Galaxy 2 by Samsung and he likes it and I like using his phone too they operate pretty close. Just because I choose to use the IPhone doesn't make me a drone anymore so than you are a drone for using a different phone! 
This picture is the family at my Dad's house last night for his Birthday!

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