Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 326

Thanksgiving was AWESOME. I had so much fun visiting with family! I love them lots! I missed My Melly and her family! Hoping to see them soon! 

Toby, Avery & Logan with Uncle Paul in the background

Richard & his baby girl 

Papa and baby Carter (Eric & Camille's baby boy)

Me & My Uncle Paul! Love him!

My Sweet boys! Love them so much

 Papa & Uncle Paul! 

Jake & Richard

Baby Cannon 

Love this picture of Evan

Jen & Kayla!

Papa & Alice

Evan and Garth

Jonanthan, Andera, Dawnielle & Baby Benson

Dawnielle and Carter

The boys wrestling

Grandma and baby Carter

Kayla and Chelsea

Nan & Alice!

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