Saturday, January 12, 2013

Random Update

The Laundry basket attacked me.....seriously! It broke the vein! This was taken a few hours after said event. This is the reason why I should NOT be doing laundry, it's for my own safety! 

Me & baby girl.....awe! 

He loves his Daddy! 

& HE Loves his Puppy! 

I was taking a picture of Alice and they were upset they were not apart of this picture taking fun! 

Brotherly fun! 

He LOVES her so much! 

Nothing too exciting going on at the Hendrickson household. The Husband works, The wife works, the children continue on growing and driving their parents crazy. 

Avery had to stay home for 2 days of school this week because he had Impetigo and since it's very contagious he had to stay home. I thought it was a fever blister. Nope sure wasn't! I discovered that the difference between a cream and a ointment? According to my insurance company it's about 52 dollars! They do the same thing but the Cream is only name brand and the insurance won't cover much but if it's a ointment they will cover majority of the cost. That was fun! Avery is still kicking major butt in school! I'm so proud of him!  

Toby turned 5 in December, it's crazy to think he is 5! Where has the time gone? He is sooooooo excited to start school in the fall, Yes I said FALL because he talks about that and Easter almost daily. I seriously don't know where he get's some of this stuff! 

Evan has recently decided that diapers were no longer cool, which is totally fine with me! I am so proud of him he's got this big boy pants down about 9 months sooner than his brothers did! Only 1 in diapers now! Yay!

Alice is growing like a weed! I can't believe she is almost 8 months old, wait....what? Wasn't I just pregnant last week with her? Ya, not! These past 7 months have flown by so quick but trust me this girl isn't getting baby hungry one bit! Even if I did there's not a thing I could do about it anyways this shop has closed up hahahahahaha.

Richard and I are coming up on 6 years together. Wow.....really? 6 years? It's hard to think how much has happened in the last 6 years. A lot of great things and a lot of struggles. Either way you look at it, it has taught me so much and I wouldn't have it any other way, well maybe a little less of the struggles? :)

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