Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Confessionals 7.19.13


I Confess that there is always two sides to a story. I would LOVE to see the other side of the story! So until then I go off what I do know that has been placed in front of me. 

Example 1 We take Grandpa up to his trailer to get a new tire for his truck. Cousin Zoe & Robbie joined in with me and Robert. It was a 45 min drive up and drive back (no biggie) I had no plans to go camping that night therefore I had no camping gear with me. Avery had asked me if he could go with Grandpa and go camping with his cousins. I thought it was fine but Grandpa made up some excuse he needed to go home and find his Dad first. I am quite use to my kids being pushed over so that the other kids can go. But when we go into our car to head out Avery said as we were on our way, Mom......Why doesn't Papa like me around him? The next night (Friday) we went up to the camping site to wish Richard's Grandpa a happy 40 years with the school district. I had no plans on staying the night (Richard wasn't there) and The people I was with had to work in the morning. Avery came up to me again asking me if he could spend the night again. I asked Grandpa if it would be ok and he said to talk to Grandma. Her response was "I suppose" (wait a minute, you have 3 of 4 kids here with NO Kevin, all I am asking is 1 child? and it's a huge burrden to you? She acted very put out that I asked her in the first place! 

I Confess........That wasn't a confess more of a vent........but I still not sure what to do. These are recent ones I have several others were they treat my kids like ignored kids. Any suggestions as to what to do?


Lisa Williams said...

Were these Richard's parents or yours?

Mary said...


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