Thursday, December 12, 2013

And............I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Without even realizing it I dropped off the face of my blogging world planet! Goodness! I am way behind! Where do I begin!

I will start with back in September and go forward! Sound good? SURE! 

School started for the boys...BOYS!!!!!!!! 

Avery is in the 4th grade......4th!!!!!! 

Toby is in Kindergarten! CRAZY!!!!!!! 

I can't believe they are in school! The school is the same school Richard and his siblings went to! I love the Idaho living! 

We moved. Still in Idaho just closer to the farm and on the West Side of the valley where Richard wanted to be. We live on the same road as before just 5 miles up from the last house! It's much bigger and the kids have their own rooms (except Toby & Evan) and a tad cheaper, awesome right? I know! I'm way happy! 

This is our new place, this is just part of the HUGE living room! I am sitting from my desk when I took this picture! I love it! 

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