Thursday, May 29, 2014

Color Swap, Purple!

I got my goodies! And I got AWESOME Goodies!!! 

I LOVE what I got! She got me some awesome stuff's!! 

1. How did she know I needed more makeup remover wipes and mascara?!? Both were on my list to pick up! haha she's a mind reader I tell ya! 

The blueberry almonds, can I say YUMMY!?! Why yes I can! Cause they WERE!!!!!!! I am pretty sure I ate them all, in like 1 day! Oopps

And you can go wrong with Chocolate? NOPE! 

And who doesn't love Flippy Flops?!? Summer time have to have! 

Alice LOVES the hair brush. She loves to brush her hair. And the nail polish is perfect for the flip flops! 

I love swaps. It's so much fun to do! You should try it out for the next one! It's so much fun to get stuff for JUST YOU. It's nice. I love it and I know you will too!

Thanks again to my awesome swap partner! Adrianne


Chaotic Goddess Swaps said...

NICE! I love that it's all the same shade of purple, too! And is that purple mascara I spy? What a fun package! :D

Miss Angie said...

What a great package!

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