Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 133

We are going up to my family farm tomorrow for my nieces's baby blessing/Mother's day event tomorrow, and I went to get some gas for the Van for our trip up there. As I pulled out from our road onto 5600 I realized there was a LOT of smoke coming from the intersection of 1900 & 5600. I had to pass said car to get to the gas station and this is what it looked like. The last picture was taken from the side of the gas station, when I passed the car on fire I could feel the heat as I passed it. Thankfully the firemen had it out pretty quick! The gas station attendant said he saw a few sparks from the back of the car and then it blew up! Wow! Thankfully the driver got out right before that happened. Scary..............And they say nothing happens in Roy, well now we can say nothing good happens! :)

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