Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 257

We have lived in our house for 4 1/2 years. We moved in when Toby was just a few months old. It was very much so outdated and needed some repairs etc etc. We kept putting it off saying we would do it later, and never do it. So I had enough. We needed to finish the upstairs bathroom. We replaced the bathtub with a shower/tub combo 3 years ago and never finished it. We have older than your grandpa high traffic carpet in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. Yeah I have 3 boys that make messes and when you have carpet in the kitchen it's just not a good combo same goes with the bathroom and carpet and little boys. They tend to splash in the tub, enough said! So we kept putting off replacing the floor thinking it was going to cost WAY more than we thought. Then we did the math and realized it was going to cost 1/2 of what we thought! What!??! Ya I was thrilled to say the least! We had to pull the flooring out clear down to the baseboards because the flooring below was just too old to reuse! We started the project tonight you can see the old nasty looking floor! I can't wait to post updates as for the next several months the house is getting a make over! Once I have the bathroom finished I will replace the fugly pink carpet in our room and Alice's room. Then I will re paint the upstairs rooms. After that is finished we are going to finish Avery's room and the downstairs bathroom along with painting/putting in carpet in Toby and Evan's room. By this time it should be spring time, and we will order a dumpster to clean out the backyard. We have the tools/seeds to re seed the backyard so we will be doing that right before winter comes so it will be ready for spring! Thankfully I have awesome parents that have a TON of tools and most important the knowledge to finish all these tasks. Thankfully it shouldn't be a lot of money. My goal is to have all these projects in the house for less than 1500. So far I am track to doing this! Paint doesn't cost a lot of money but makes a room look ten times better! My biggest expense will be carpet and the wood to re do Avery's room. I am watching KSL and Home Depot for the best prices with everything I am going to need. I also learned from my Dad the best places and where to watch to get the best prices for Sheet-rock! My big goal is to have a HUGE party for Alice's first birthday. Plan on having it on Saturday June 1st. So that gives me 9 months to get the house & myself looking uber awesome! And I love that I have my blog to capture this awesome journey!

The Bathroom right after we started pulling up carpet

The Bathtub after we got the compound and the sheet rock put up

Richard pulling up the flooring in the bathroom

Bathroom (on the left) and the hallway

The color of the fugly carpet see how it's on the baseboards, yeah I know it's UGLY!

This is the hallway and the closet

This is the kitchen (Don't you just LOVE my drapes!?) after the carpet was pulled

The kitchen from the hallway and the creeper cat!

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