Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 258

Today was a BUSY day! I went and helped my Mom at the Doctor's office for a few hours. While I was there she was trying to find someone to help her with some yard work. She has a HUGE yard and she is very busy with her business so she pays people to do the huge products. We moved pond muck (yeah it smelled awesome!) We had to move it from the side of the pond (see the top picture) and the move it to the other side the yard. It easily took 35-40 wheelbarrow trips. And since it was wet soil it wasn't light! Richard and I did it and I am so proud of what we did and my Mom said we did a great job! Yay!
While we are moving the muck the kids ran around (or in Alice's case just sat there) and played outside. Evan decided he didn't need clothes, silly boy!

Then thinking I am superwoman I went home and worked on the bathroom some more! 

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