Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 274

Today I learned some heart aching sad news. My old neighbor lost the battle to depression and last night he took his own life. He was only 27.

I knew his Mother and Sister more than I did him. But I do remember him. I found out about his passing from my Dad. He was outside when the ambulances and police were going up the road towards their house. They live in a gated community just up the street from my Dad's house and in his ward. When he got there he discovered what had happened. My Dad then took care of the aftermath (he shot himself). He called the service to come and clean it up but no one was available to come that day and my Dad did not want to make the parents wait any longer and cleaned up the mess. 1 I don't know how my Dad did that and 2 it just melted my heart that my Dad was brave enough to do it for the family. What a horrible thing they didn't have to go through and he offered to do it for them. I still don't know how he did it. 

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