Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 287

10 Random Facts About Mary (ME!)

1.  I am a OCD neat freak! I am unable to go to sleep at night unless the house is at my standards. Doesn't mean everything is finished, like the load of laundry I forgot about until now. I will finish that tomorrow.

2. I am a night owl. I have always been this way. But my dang daughter is the same way and it about drives me insane! 

4. I love Diet Coke. But I like diet coke in the 20 oz form or the can the best. However I like coke from the fountain better I don't like it in the can or the bottle, odd? Yes I say so!

5. I am currently growing out my hair. It's getting pretty long. I need to get it trimmed but I don't want to! I love it being so long!

6. I slept a TON today. I feel like I lost my day off but part of me doesn't care because I needed the sleep! 

7. Over the years I have turned into a homebody. Before I was always wanting to go out never stay home now that I am married and have kids I would much rather stay home and be with my family! It's so funny I never thought I would say that!

8. I love the fall. I love wearing hoodies and drinking 7-11 hot coco! My Favorite!

9. I feel some days I totally fail as a Wife and Mother. I just have to keep reminding myself I have the next day to start fresh and to learn from my mistakes. Being home helps reduce my stress levels a lot. I am so happy I am home with my kids! 

10. I was really good about drinking the correct amounts of water each day. I started to lose focus of doing that but starting tomorrow I am going back on track! I am not going to lose this time!  

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