Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Oh how I love swaps!!!!!! 


I love our hosts they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

I really liked how this was set up, I love how no one knew who they were getting their gifts from, I think we should do another one like this again! 


I got my wonderful gifts from

I got some YUMMY Candy Corn M&M's which I thought were not going to be good but I was so wrong they were GOOD! I also got some yummy smelling candles and some really cute decorations. And like a Mom she knows the kids love getting things too and got them some water growing monsters. And some cute nail polish! Lots of awesome things! Thank you again I love my stuff! 


Miss Angie said...

Oh how cute! SO glad you loved it and thanks for participating! :)

Beth W said...

Caire did an awesome job with your package! I love that she included stuff for the boys (and I've never even *seen* Candy Corn M& cool!).

Thanks for being an awesome swapper! :)

Lisa Williams said...

Blah! I dont like those M&M's but Bryan sure does! I hope they bring back the cinnamon ones.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it!!!

Jessica G. said...

What a great idea to include stuff for the kiddos! Your partner did an awesome job.

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