Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yardwork & Such

In the first picture is my leg after the clippers decided to attack my leg on Friday night. Last Monday my Step Dad Terry and I worked in the yard chopping down the bushes we didn't want anymore in our front and on the side yards. On Friday we can got a dumster from the City and on Saturday we had my parents come over and help get the tree stumps out from the tree's we pulled up from Monday plus previous ones from years past. Along with trimming our rose bushes. Where was I during this fun time? In my bed sick as a dog. The last time I was this sick I had my appendix taken out back in 1999. Thankfully after a few days I am starting to feeling better (thankfully).

I would like thank my family again for coming out and helping us! I can't wait until next spring and we get our backyard finished!

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