Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 65

I am all about being organized. Probably an OCD thing....whatever, I don't care......I hate hate HATE being late. I don't care if others are late but I hate it when I am late. Therefore I try to prevent being late by being prepared. IE every night I lay the boy's clothes out for the next night IE first picture. I lay out everything for them for the next day. On Friday's and Monday's Richard has to get them up and ready and out the door to the sitters/school. So I set out breakfast items and have lunches made and sitting in the fridge ready for him to just grab and go. I am the one who does this and if I can help make his morning a little easier I will, plus on my days off it makes me mornings easier as well. Now if I could just have the tornado of a living space downstairs look like this I would be set!

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