Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 67

Today my friend Cami and I decided we wanted to torture ourselves so we decided to take the hour plus drive down to IKEA....with 3 children.......yes it was AWESOME! I haven't been there before and there was a chalkboard there for the kids I wanted to get. So we went down there with the three children above. The first half Gavin (Cami's son) cried because if we let Toby and Gavin near each other they would do nothing but run around the store. Then about half way through Evan was done, then towards the end Toby started up because I refused to give him the soda I purchased for me and the boys. Thankfully my boys slept on the way down and Gavin slept on the way back. We had a lot of fun overall and I loved going there, just so much stuff there! I will totally go back, just this time with OUT children!

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