Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 227

I recently started to do coupons. It's awesome what you can get for such little amount! I went to a class and learned SO much! Today we spent a lot of time getting organized and shopping. Shopping 4 kids is never easy and they did such an awesome job! So we went to Sam's club and enjoyed a slice of pizza and a icee. Notice in the picture that even Alice is looking at me. 2 months old and she has already learned that when I say Cheese and look at Mommy she knows what to do! The second picture is my first coupon steal, I paid only 7.17 but later I found out something went wrong and I should have gotten it for 5.15 and the normal price? 32.17! Kick butt! And I had to go shopping for Avery for school shoes (no these are NOT his shoes) And it was BOGO 1/2 so I bought his shoes and got these shoes for free! His shoes were 15 dollars off normal price. Then the shoes below were marked from 50 to 30 and they were half off so takes it down to 15 and since I got 15 off from his shoes then I got mine for free!!!!!! Woot! yes I know it has glitter on them but I don't care they were free and CUTE! Ha! Coupon HIGH!

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