Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 227

I felt like having a lazy day today. I was on the phone and I when I turned around I found the dog hanging out with the boys little stinker!

 I didn't feel like taking the kids to the splash pad, it's hot and Evan doesn't like it yet (odd I know) and Alice is cranky when we go so I decided to take them to Mcdonald's instead. It was a good idea at the time except for the fact that the kids (all the kids in there not just mine) SCREAMED bloody murder and caused Alice to be awake and be cranky blah!
 We came home and Evan took a nap while Avery worked on homework, yup it's summer time but he does homework 1 hour a day and works on stuff he needed to improve on. I hope it helped!
 Toby colored while Avery did Homework
 And Alice and I hung out in the kitchen with them! 

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